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Developing youth skills in research and policy paper methodologies

From 2-3 November, 2018, Al-Quds Center for Political Studies organized a training workshop for 30 youth in Irbid. The training workshop focused on developing the skills of students in economic and financial fields in research and policy paper methodologies. The trainer of the workshop was Dr. Ahmad Shoqran.

The youth attended the training workshop during two days, and the training program was focusing on several aspects of policy papers, and the steps of preparing a policy paper. The trainer gave an introduction to policy papers and its theoretical framework. They youth were trained in research methods, qualitative research methodologies such as focus groups and in-depth interviews, methods to collect data, and building scenarios, alternatives and different options.

The students were divided into groups of 4-6, in which they selected titles for their papers, they presented a structure of the paper, the research methods they would use and the sources of information and data. The titles of the groups' policy papers were:
• The lost cost of using renewable energy in Al-Mafraq municipalities
• The impact of tourism promotion in Ajloun on the financial economy
• Labor market balance between Syrian, Jordanian and immigrant laborers in Al-Mafraq governorate
• The developmental dimension of private university education in Irbid
• Population opportunity and its achievement in 2019 in the city of Jerash