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Training Workshops: Monitoring and Documenting Sexual Harassment: Tools and Methodologies

From 19-20 October, 2018, Al-Quds Center for Political Studies organized the first round of training workshops for 23 youth social activists focusing on methods to monitor and report sexual harassment. The trainer for the workshops, Mr. ʿEissa Al Marazeeq, was selected due to his expertise; with the National Centre for Human Rights, Mr. Al Marazeeq has experience in preparing monitoring reports on human rights, including women’s rights, in Jordan. Mr. Al Marazeeq was highly engaging and provided in-depth training on how to approach the subject of SGBV in Jordan from both academic and social activist perspectives.

On the first day of the workshop, the trainer presented participants with the following information:

  1. An introduction to human rights including the right to bodily integrity and human dignity and their accompanying international frameworks; 
  2. An introduction to monitoring and documenting infringements on rights in general; 
  3. An introduction to monitoring and documenting sexual harassment in particular.

On the second day, the trainer focused on mechanisms for follow up on cases of sexual harassment, including how to provide information to victims of harassment on means for redress, as well as in-depth training on developing monitoring reports.

For photos of the workshop, please click the following
link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pza6whmkVbdc7Qy18