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On September 15, 2019, the Jerusalem Center for Political Studies organized a panel discussion entitled: Towards a New Tax Philosophy for Jordan, with the participation of a group of businessmen and tax experts. The interventions focused on the most important factors affecting the tax environment in Jordan and the impact of the tax system on the economy. Especially the services and investment aspect.

On the promotion of the tax environment and tax philosophy, participants stressed that the reason for tax reform is the absence of justice and distortion of the tax system. This is the unfairness in dealing between the legal person (companies) and the natural person, tax rates are almost identical between individuals and companies, and sales tax can be increased by as much as 75%, while the focus should be on income tax, especially as the sales tax affects various social classes and low income earners.

Regarding tax evasion and ways to confront it, the emphasis was on the importance of developing tax tools and systems, including the billing system, and regulating tax evasion in various sectors by controlling economic activities, especially the informal economy, which constitutes a wide range of economic activities.
On the other hand, participants discussed the impact of regional and international conditions on Jordan, and its role in the process of reforming the tax law.

As for investment, the emphasis was on the need to create a tax system that would stimulate the economy and attract investment. Continuing to rely on raising taxes in support of the budget led to a decline in economic activities and weak investment, and consequently to the economic recession that affected income and sales.

The meeting was moderated by researcher and academic in economics. Metric convictions.

List of Participants:

1. Ahmad al-Jaludi, former deputy and head of the Central Council of the National Union Party

2- Dr. Reem Al-Baghdadi, member of the Board of Directors of the Forum of Jordanian Business and Professional Women

3 - Raed Assaf, Secretary of the Assembly of income and sales tax experts

4 - Sami Shrim, an economic analyst

5- Mohammed Al-Saudi, member of the administrative board of the East Amman Industrial Investors Association

6- Mohammed Qutishat, member of the General Union of Electricity and Electronics Traders

7- Dr. Metric Danes, researcher and academician 8- Hashim Hamza, Chairman of the Income Tax and Sales Taxation Society  

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