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International experts discuss the impact of the US/Iranian Crisis on regional tensions with the GCC - Session Four, US-Iranian Conference, Beirut.


Conference Title: US-Iranian Crisis: Impacts on the Security and Stability of the Middle East

Session Title: How Regional Crises Will Be Affected by Escalating US-Iranian Tensions: the Case of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Session Moderator:

Dr. Hassan Nafaa, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, Egypt


* Mr. Sulaiman Al Oqeliy, Political Columnist and Analyst, Saudi Arabia;

* Dr. Zafir Alajmi, Expert Strategist and Executive Director of Gulf Monitoring Group, Kuwait;

* Dr. Fahad Ebrahim Al Shehabi, Secretary General of Arab Gulf Forum For Strategic Planning.


Event Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ahxRMUJo5oMkJPyr8