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Professors discuss and analyse the Iranian response to the crisis - Session Two, US-Iranian Conference, Beirut.


Conference Title: US-Iranian Crisis: Impacts on the Security and Stability of the Middle East

Session Title: Insiders' Views on Iran Continued...

Session Topics:

* The Iranian response to Washington’s strict sanctions on the Islamic Republic. What are Tehran’s options in the open confrontation with the United States?

* The ability of the Iranian economy to respond to the new regime of sanctions;

* The fate of Iranian social movements, and how Tehran will deal with them.

Session Moderator:

*Dr. Sabri Erbihat, Former Minister of Political Development, Jordan


* Dr. Mohammad Marandi, Professor of Political Science at the University of Tehran, Iran;

* Dr. Alam Saleh, Lecturer in Middle East Politics at Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

Event Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ahxRMUJo5oMkJPyr8