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"Renewal" Coalition Discusses Election Preparations at QCPS Workshop


Al Quds Centre for Political Studies (QCPS) organised a workshop for leaders and members of the 'Renewal' coalition to examine steps to form electoral lists of political parties and coalitions ahead of the September general election.
QCPS Director Oraib Rantawi said building alliances with local community leaders, training political party campaigners, and forming observer teams to monitor polling and counting are key to ensuring good election preparations.
Hussein Abu Rumman, in charge of QCPS studies, said that upon forming coalitions and electoral lists, political parties should comply with unified programmes and slogans, clarify their actual strengths and influence, build alliances with supporters, and include diversity candidates.
The seminar highlighted the need for well-trained and empowered political party campaigners and observers, agreeing with QCPS to organise a series of training programmes for them in the next stage.
The 'Renewal' coalition is comprised of the National Democratic Party, Stronger Jordan Party, Al Hayah (life) Party, the Reform and Renewal Party (Hasad [harvest]), and the National Party.