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A Conference on “The Image of the Other in the Arab Curricula” concluded in Beirut

In cooperation with Danmission, Al-Quds Center for Political Studies organized a conference in Beirut on "The Image of the other in the Arab Curricula in the Region". More than sixty MPs, education experts and officials from the ministries of education and representatives to the CSOs attended the conference; they came from six countries: Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Egypt. Experts and academicians from Denmark attended as well.

For two days, the conference attendants discussed three major components: "Image of the other in the Educational Curricula and Processes in the six countries", "Religion and Identity in the Educational Process", and Reform of the Legislative Framework Regulating the Education Process". A session was designated to present the Danish experience in shifting from the "Single-religion State" role to a state that sponsors and secures the religious, ethnic, and national pluralism as well as the role of curricula in solving the problematic areas of "Identity, mainstreaming and diversity".