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Al-Quds Center Organizes a Conference Called: Dissemination of the Gender Observation and Women Rights in Human Work

In cooperation with KVINFOR, Al-Quds Center for Political Studies organized a conference called "Dissemination of Gender Observation and Human Rights in Human Action."
The Conference sought to develop strategies that help disseminate the observation of gender and women rights as priorities during conflicts and wars. Thus, it is a requirement for the programs of donors to finance the human aide projects. In other words, the dissemination of a gender observation perspective in the humane relief scenes must become a requirement not only for the developmental aide but also for the emergency humane aide; which is in line with the Security Council Resolution No. 1325 and women protection requirements which it calls for.
They also conform to the "new humanitarian action approach" whereby both relief and developmental objectives are combined including gender equality. However, some groups are deprived from aide due to the relief strategies implemented by relief institutions and organizations to maintain a gender focus as they tend to be politicized.
The Conference focused on discussing the practices that attach the humane aide to gender observation and equality. It shed light on the repercussions, attributes, and disadvantages of those practices especially in the Yemeni crisis context and other conflicts in the Middle East including Syria and Iraq.